Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Dumbartonshire

Daughter Royal Arch Chapters

Below are the Royal Arch Chapters within the province of Dumbartonshire.

For individual contact details, please refer to your Year Book.

Dumbarton (53)

Masonic Temple,
Church Street,
Dumbarton G82 1QQ.
1st Monday Feb-Apr,Oct & Nov: 7:30pm
2nd Monday Jan & May: 7:30pm
1st Friday Jun: 7:30pm
2nd Friday Oct: 7:00pm
M.E.Z: Kenneth Richmond
Scribe E: Permission not obtained.

Alexandria & Bonhill (121)

Masonic Temple,
Gilmour Street,
Alexandria G83 0DA.
2nd Tuesday Jan-May,Sep,Nov & Dec: 7:30pm
1st Saturday Oct: 2:30pm
M.E.Z: George Kelly
Scribe E: Joe McCallum

St John Dalmuir (317)

Masonic Temple,
Glasgow Road,
Hardgate G81 5PJ
3rd Thursday Jan-May,Sep,Nov & Dec: 7:30pm
2nd Thursday Dec
M.E.Z: Robert Brown
Scribe E: Iain R. Gibson


Barns O'Clyde (403)

Masonic Temple,
112 Second Avenue,
Clydebank G81 3AZ.
1st Tuesday Feb-May,Sept & Nov: 7:30pm
1st Tuesday Oct: 7:00pm
M.E.Z: Bernard Chessell
Scribe E: Ken MacNaughton.

Leven St John (411)

Masonic Temple,
Alexander Street,
Renton G82 4LT.
3rd Wednesday Jan-Jun,Sep-Dec: 7:30pm
4th Saturday Oct: 4:30pm
M.E.Z: Richard Holloway
Scribe E: Thomas McQuade

Ellangowan (487)

Masonic Temple,
7 Douglas Street,
Milngavie G62 2PA.

2nd Wednesday Feb-May,Sep-Dec: 7:30pm

2nd Wednesday Oct: 7:00pm

M.E.Z: John Robertson
Scribe E: Kenneth Roberts

Roman Fort (501)

Masonic Temple,
Regent Street,
Kirkintilloch G66 1JF.
2nd Thursday Jan-May,Sep-Dec: 7:30pm
3rd Saturday Oct 5:00pm
M.E.Z: John Campbell Renshaw
Scribe E: Euan Kerr

St George (522)

Masonic Temple,
49 West Princes Street,
Helensburgh G84 8BN.
3rd Tuesday Jan-May,Sep,Nov & Dec: 7:30pm
2nd Saturday Oct: 2:00pm

M.E.Z: George Smith
Scribe E: Philip D. Carman

St Modan (719)

Kilcreggan & Cove Burgh Hall,
Shore Road,
Kilcreggan G84 0NP.
1st Thursday Feb-May,Sep-Dec: 7:30pm
3rd Thursday Jan: 7:30pm
M.E.Z: Joe McCallum
Scribe E: Ian Douglas

Cumbernauld (824)

Masonic Temple,
Glasgow Road,
Cumbernauld Village G67 2SA.
2nd Friday Jan, 1st Friday Feb-May,Sep, Nov,Dec: 7:30pm
1st Friday Oct: 7:00pm
M.E.Z: John J. Robb
Scribe E: John McGregor